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Why Luxury Apartments are becoming an Attractive Alternative to Hotels?

Travelling is no longer a onetime chore for people. It has become the definition of life for a few of us, while a source of exploring the different cultures around the world for others.

People who are true wanderers often seek the feeling of getting mixed with the place and its norms, a feeling of the place becoming your second home. Hotels have become too boring a place to stay for such travel enthusiasts.

They wish to feel cozy, and comfortable when they enter the place they’ll be staying in for the whole trip. After a buzzing travel day, where you meet strangers, find your way through the unknown streets, search for the soul of the place and try to keep up with the unusual norms; all you wish for is a relaxing, calming place you can call your own.

The popularity of Luxury apartments is continuously on the rise, with the privacy, convenience and amenities that they have to offer. Luxury apartments are becoming great alternatives to the rigid hotel systems. Here’s why:

1. Light on your pocket

If you’re planning to stay in a city or if you’re taken aback by the beauty of the countryside, the amount of money you’ll spend on renting a luxury apartment will always be less than what your hotel bills will look like.

A luxury apartment with high-quality service is the best alternative to the expensive hotel rooms, especially if you’re planning to stay in the same place for a good amount of time.

2. Spacious and Personal

With increasing prices in the hospitality industry, many a times the hotel rooms fitting your budget look more like a cubicle than a room!

And, if you’re travelling in a group or with your partner, it is better to stay in a luxury apartment. These apartments are much more spacious and completely yours.

Your group will have a gala time together while with your spouse you can make the apartment your own romantic get-away.

3. The Fantastic add-ons!

When staying in hotels, all you got to do is pick up the phone and call for the room service. But was your travel all about piling on room service bills or actually enjoying the stay?

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Luxury apartments come with their own kitchens where you can spend some time with your fellow travellers and cook delicious, healthy food for yourself.

room available apartment
room available apartment

There are laundry rooms made available for you, to help you feel completely at home. The living rooms are the best places to hang out with your group and do parties, which will actually weave the memories that you’ll take back.

4. There are options for the people who love room services!

If you want to argue on the fact that while travelling the last thing you want to do is to cook your own food, clean your own clothes and things that you normally do at home then, don’t worry! Luxury apartments have a brilliant option for you.

There are personalised luxury apartments which offer services identical to the room services you get in hotels. Then, what is the difference you might ask?

Well, all the difference lies in the amount of convenience, the personal space and homely atmosphere which you get in luxury apartments but, are nowhere to be seen in hotels.

5. Fitness Center

Fitness freaks, who love to travel to other countries, often miss out on their passion of staying fit and exercising. Gyms are not the kind of services that are included in hotel rooms.

But, with luxury apartments, you get access to a fitness center where you can exercise and never miss out on those crunches and push ups. You won’t probably even believe what kind of fitness activities are featured by these luxury apartments!

There are apartments that offer personal swimming pools, for you to soak in whenever you want. There are others that offer community training for yoga, aerobics and zumba.

Some apartments are even equipped with resort style spas and relaxing chambers to let all your tiredness leave your body and mind.

6. Other Amenities

A standard luxury apartment is equipped with facilities like that of a kitchen, living room, dryer and washer, bigger closets, fitness center, made-to-order goods, housekeeping, free WiFi, and an all day available concierge. There are exclusive barbeque grilling stations as well!

There are hotels which strictly prohibit you from carrying your cute pet along with you. But, with luxury apartments, you aren’t bound by these hotel norms any longer.

Carry your cute pet with you to let him see the world with you while you stay at the luxury apartments, or shall we call it your second home!

What more can you ask for?

7. It all depends on you!

Whether you want an apartment with sea-view or you wish to have a cozy fire place in the apartment; it all depends on you. Unlike those boring hotel rooms, with luxury apartments you have the choice to pick up whatever kind of services you wish to have.