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What is a homestay? How to distinguish homestay, hotel, motel, hostel, motel, resort, bugalow, …

Many people often travel but it is impossible to distinguish what homestay is and what is different from a hostel, hotel, motel, resort … To help young people distinguish these types of tourist accommodation, Adlermadrid will specify the identity features for you to confidently book rooms and share experiences for those who follow later!

What is a homestay and “identification” Homestay

what is homestay
what is homestay

To understand what a homestay is, first imagine a type of home stay of indigenous people where you travel.

Here, you will be able to join the living space with people, cook, work, chat and have dinner like a family member.

From there, help you have the most objective, close, honest and lively look on the culture of the land that you set foot on.

The biggest difference when comparing homestays with hotels is that you are free to serve your basic needs.

So you are fully active in the activities. You can cook for yourself, do your own laundry, make your own tea, etc. But any initiative needs to be within limits. When living with the landlord, you always have to behave politely and respect the host’s own lifestyle, “enter customary”.

Absolutely no objection or overbearing behavior when not rationalizing the food that the owner of the house treat you or be aggressive with religious and spiritual matters because it can cause great trouble for you!

Summary 1: In a simple way to explain what a homestay question is, you just need to understand it: eating together, staying together and living as a family member of a native.

  1. How to distinguish homestay different from Hotel and Hostel?

To distinguish homestay with Hotel and Hostel, you need to know what homestay service is (in section 1) and understand more about two hotel and hostel concepts.

Certainly there are many people who confuse the two concepts of hotel and hostel because of the similar writing style but in terms of comfort, it is completely different from each other.

If the homestay is a normal home, the hotel is decorated lavishly and splendidly

Hotel is a budget-to-luxury hotel where guests are provided with basic services such as cleaning, laundry, catering or more than spa, swimming pool …

And Hostel, also known as a motel, is a place to stop tourists from dust with affordable prices and quality.

Hostel is planned into dormitory or single rooms. Female bunk beds can be shared while Hotel is taboo. In this part, the Hostel is more like a homestay.

Summary 2: When understanding what the homestay concept is, what is Hotel, what is Hostel, you will easily distinguish homestay with 2 remaining types of accommodation.

The service quality of the hotel is assessed based on the facilities provided and the quality of service.

In terms of prices, budget hotel rooms can range from 100k, 200k and high-class hotels, a few dozen million a night is normal.

  • How to distinguish homestay with Resort?
what is resort
what is resort

Similarly, if there is any difference between homestay and resort, what is the homestay and what is the resort?

Resort is also a type of accommodation for relaxation and is planned into a series of populations including apartments, villas, … The space around the resort is a very beautiful natural scenery for visitors to visit. View, admire.

Not stopping there, Reort also has all kinds of eating, resting, playing, entertainment.

This means that when you arrive at the resort, customers not only stay in rooms but also walk, watch and experience the excellent services on site. Of course, the price of a night stay at the resort is not cheap either.

  • Is the Homestay and Bungalow different?

The type of stay Homestay and Bugalow varies greatly. Bungalow designed in high-end resorts. This is a lovely little house that is convenient for those who live alone or couples on the beach.

There, visitors have just experienced the feeling of privacy, freedom and freedom. In the morning, pick up the dawn on the sea through the window, noon to drop foot on the cool sea water and in the afternoon, the door looks at the sunset.