5 Tips for Choosing the Right Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets

Since we now live in a digital era, there is almost no reason to miss out on applying technology even when we are traveling. When it comes to riding, particularly motorcycles, there are now innovative options that make driving hassle-free with wireless connectivity to take calls, navigate directions through GPS, and listen to music. Besides the prestigious Bluetooth helmets, another practical option for riders or drivers is to look for The Best Motorcycle Headphones by Ironhorsetrading. Unlike the mentioned helmets which are heavy, both regarding weight and in cost, the motorcycle Bluetooth headset is just as easy and convenient as buying any gadget or digital accessory. That being said, you will need to mind its specifications as well.

Before we discuss what to look for in a Bluetooth headset, let’s emphasize the need for this gadget first.

1. The headset allows music streaming from your favorite reachable radio station or through connecting to your mobile phone to access your preferred playlist.
2. It helps in navigating purposes through your mobile phone’s GPS setting.
3. You can make and take calls clearly along with voice activation without having to pull out your mobile phone.
4. It allows live conversations with other motorcycle drivers for any changes in route, destructions ahead, or any other concern.
5. If you have a passenger, the headset makes communication more possible for the both of you

Sena 10R Bluetooth Headset
A Complete Guide for Criteria And Brand Options

Simply put, purchasing a motorcycle Bluetooth headset is not only for the sake of being advanced or tech-savvy, but it can make your ride better, safer, and more enjoyable. But since there are a variety of brands and options, it is best to rely on the following criteria.

1. Will you be riding alone or do you have passengers?

Consider how many people you need to connect to, and at what distance and range that will require. If you will be alone but traveling with a group of motorcycle drivers, a range of 500 yards would be enough. However, being with a larger group would require a bandwidth of more or less 1,000 yards.

2. Where will you be traveling to?

This is of significance and has a lot to do with your range. If you will be traveling around cities where signals abound, there is not much range that is required. However, you will need a larger range of outdoor or long-distance places since signals are scarce and because it is more likely to lose direction in these situations.

3. Will you need a water-resistant headset?

Weather conditions and type of environment should not be overlooked. If there are chances of bad weather or inevitable water splashes from sports, then you might need to choose a water-resistant headset. Not only will this prolong the gadgets lifespan, but it will save you from signal losses.

4. What is your installation preference?

You have the option to choose either of the two common methods, either by sticking the headset using 3-M tape onto the helmet (after all, this adhesive is double-sided) or to clip the headset securely in a convenient angle. Most riders prefer the latter, after all, headsets usually come with those clips or clamps.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Review
Things To Consider Before Buying Bluetooth Headset

Once you have the answers to these broad considerations, you will then have to think a few more specifications as this is crucial in choosing one brand from another.

1. Specific range
A larger range does not always indicate bigger price if additional cost concerns you. What matters is that you will be able to utilize the motorcycle Bluetooth headset’s function to its fullest capacity. Determine your required range as accurately as possible by keeping your destination in mind.

2. Number of riders
Because this device uses Bluetooth, you can form a network with other riders. All you need is to determine the size of your group as this corresponds to the required bandwidth. There will still be limits within your system. Hence it is best to consider your intercom’s reach.

3. Voice prompts and sound quality
Voice prompts allow hands-free operation so you can keep your focus on driving. As with sound quality, choose the headset with excellent clarity and noise cancellation that can help eliminate traces of external disturbances such as wind, rain, or traffic. Keep in mind that sufficient volume is just as important.

4. GPS
Because navigation through GPS is one of the highlights in having a motorcycle Bluetooth headset, you should be able to test your gadget by walking a few distances before purchasing. This will also determine your headset’s signal strength and battery life, so keep track of the two latter specifications after test the gadget at the store. While choosing, ask the specialist for troubleshooting tips and usage techniques for prolonging battery life and being able to access the signals fullest limits.

5. Mobile connectivity
Talking about hands-free convenience through Bluetooth, test the device by connecting it to at least three Bluetooth-active mobile phones. Ensure its compatibility with the phone which you will be using as well as other phones just in case you plan on replacing it. The undisrupted connection is a proof of quality headsets regardless of environment, weather, or rider group size.

According to user reviews, the following are good motorcycle Bluetooth headset options:

  • Scala-Rider Q1
  • Scala-Rider Q3Scala-Rider Backtalk
  • UClear HBC100 Plus
  • UClear HBC200 Force
  • Interphone BT Eastcom

However, the best-proven brand for a motorcycle Bluetooth headset is none other than SENA with the best models as SENA 20S-01 for the best music quality, SENA SMH10D-11 for crystal clear communication, and the SENA SMH5D-02 model for durability and excellent battery life.

Whether you choose the best brand, Sena, or any of the known quality brands as rated by experienced reviewers, the choice depends on personal preference, cost considerations, and availability. That being said, it pays to choose well based on the previously mentioned criteria or from advice given by gadget specialists. In the long run, only the quality brand in headsets will be able to guarantee your complete ease of use.