IPhone Applications for Today’s Business Professionals

Let’s face it, most of us are just too busy, and organization seems like impossibility. We buy electronic organizers, and cell phones, while still keeping day planners, notebooks, and desk calendars. Because of this, many of you have probably purchased a device that can combine all of these things, and do much more. One of the more popular devices for business professionals is the Apple iPhone.

Apple iPhone
The Apple iPhone is an excellent choice for anybody who relies on organization, detail, and information security. While the Apple iPhone comes standard with a wealth of tools and applications, there are also lifestyle specific applications that can be added on to make your unique life just a little bit easier. For example, if your need is a safe location to store all of your passwords, you would benefit from an application such as “Mobile Password Safe”.


This application allows you to store any password, whether it is for email, or online banking, or the pin code to your office door. As long as you have your cell phone, these passwords will be accessible to you at any time, without having to search for them. This application works by securing your passwords using a series of methods.

Apple Says iPhones

First, you create a label for your reference, for each password. These passwords are all stored in the application itself. After you’ve set these up, the passwords are never actually transferred via plain text to your pre-assigned web sites and servers, as they will be decrypted automatically by the browser.

By eliminating any plain text transfers online, hackers are completely unable to steal your passwords, leaving you 100% safe and secure. For people who have a lot of sensitive information, and passwords to keep secure, this is the application to own.

Another great productivity application that many business professionals find useful is “JustAddMoney Expense Tracker”. With this expense tracker, you are allowed to manage your money, in addition to sharing your data in real time using a multi user network. If you are in a business that requires you to be updated consistently of all monetary transactions with the company, this application is exactly what you need.

JustAddMoney Expense Tracker

Some of the features of this application include the ability to keep all of your key business partners updated with all relevant financial transactions, just by creating a secure account for each employee.


This expense tracker also allows you to receive instant updates when money has been spent, where it was spent, and your account balances. This will save you the time you would have spent waiting for a check to clear, wondering if a check has cleared, or waiting for the inevitable “forgotten” check to clear, with of course could cause you a whole slew of other banking issues.