5 Reasons Why gaming laptops are expensive

Gaming laptops are gaining popularity like never before. Even though gaming consoles continue to rule the gamers’ psychology, the newcomers are not shying away from shelling out some extra bucks for an upgraded gaming laptop. When you compare the prices of both of these, you will unanimously admit that the laptops are more expensive.

Many people think that the gaming laptops are over-hyped products. Here is a related topic by Topprobe (https://topprobe.com) Which talks about gaming and it has long been associated with the gaming towers or gaming consoles. In addition to that, the widespread use of notebooks for academic purposes have given them a nerdy look. However, when it comes to laptops, nothing can beat their efficiency. So, is it investing more than $1,500 on a gaming laptop worth it?

Why do you need the right gaming laptop?

Here are a few of the reasons you need to think about getting the right gaming laptop.

  • You don’t want your games to stutter while playing
  • You would want to play just about any game
  • You need a machine that doesn’t have a more significant screen but looks great too

beast of a gaming laptop

The top 5 reasons you need to get one

Be it for the academic purposes or gaming; it merely takes the lead. This is a matter of time that gaming laptops are considered posh. As more and more people realize the advantages of using a laptop for tackling gaming challenges, their demand is going to increase.

But right now, we do need to highlight the reasons which make them costlier. It is not that they are merely for show-off. The high price is justified by the advanced functions offered. What makes them more expensive? Let us find out.


1. Portability:

expensive gaming laptopNo one will deny the fact that they can even dream of playing counter strike while being on the train. And that it has always been on their wish-list. It looks like the gaming laptop doesn’t need you to try lucky charms; it allows you to cover your levels even when you are traveling or on holiday or directly away from home. You can have the thrill anywhere and at any time. This portability is offered only by a laptop. You cannot even imagine carrying a PlayStation with you!

Now, this portability comes at the cost of better hardware and more engineering skills. The cost of better design, lighter material, and efficient programming make the overall price much higher than a gaming tower. Together with that, the gaming laptops come with more extended running batteries. These batteries are also costlier. So, when you look at the amenities offered and efforts put in for their perfect functioning, the cost piles up. This is the prime reason for costlier gaming laptops.

2. Better screen:

What most people fail to realize with gaming laptops is the presence of better resolution screen. The newer models are even touch-screen. This gives you a more realistic experience. Now, if you are expecting better view with over the top experience, you cannot demand lower price! Compare the screen of both laptop and gaming console and notice the difference. A good LED screen adds merely about $100-500. And ultimately the price goes up.


3. Easily upgradable and with the specs you need

A gaming laptop comes with an easily upgradable software. Just like the mobile software, you can upgrade it from time to time. This allows you an efficient gaming experience without needing to replace the whole system. Now, this is not the case with a traditional playstations.

You will need to buy a whole new system if you wish to upgrade. This leads to another point that gaming laptops are more durable. You can use them with updated software for many years.

Now, all these points refer to a better software development which is a costly affair. Apparently, the manufacturers add the labour cost and research cost in the overall price tag. Hence the price! But you cannot deny the fact that gaming laptops are more efficient and easily upgradable. You can have the newest software at a minimal cost.

Acer Predator 21X

4. Better audio:

The heart of any game lies in the audio it carries. Most of the gaming laptops built these days pay enough attention to have a good sound system. You will find most to have the Dolby home theatre made in. Many companies are investing in surround sound quality which will give a better feel during chasing or combat. The overall experience will increase. Now, of course, these sound systems have to be built inside the laptop which requires technical expertise and much investment. It looks like this increases the cost.


5. Better processor and RAM:

The primary reason that the laptops can be costly is that they offer high RAM, good graphics cards and more – the high-end specs it needs to be able to power all games easily.

The more powerful your machine is, the more seamless would your experience be. For instance, an eighth-gen Intel i7 processor should be your pick if you are looking to game with higher frame rates. Add to it the latest Nvidia G-Force cards, and that’s a whole lot of money right there.

Gaming is all about speed and coordination. You will never find a gaming laptop with the outdated processor and insufficient RAM. The gaming laptops have the minimum requirement of 8GB RAM and at least intel core i5. The need for higher level hardware and software increases the manufacturing cost.

We have discussed the prime five reasons why the gaming laptops are so expensive. However, given their durability and efficient functioning, the price seems genuinely justified. The newest models of gaming laptops offer a realistic feel to the virtual world. The bass from the perfectly tuned Dolby audio and high-resolution touch screens make you enjoy every step of the game.

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